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Fireplace Installation & Service, Windsor

At Union Air, the fireplaces we install for Windsor homeowners are available in many choices. We provide electric and gas fireplaces, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, as well as outdoor gas and propane fire pits. We are committed to giving you the fireplace you’ve always wanted. So, if need help you choosing a model that best suits your lifestyle, needs, and decor we can assist you.

New Gas Fireplace installations, repairs, and maintainence
Gas Fireplace
Electric Fireplace
Installation of outdoor gas fireplace, Windsor.
Outdoor Gas Fireplace
Outdoor fire pit installers, Windsor, Essex County
Outdoor Fire Pit

We Install Top Quality Gas and Electric Fireplaces in Windsor, Essex County.

Gas and electric fireplaces come in many styles. Some can look like realistic wood inserts while others are more modern with glass pebbles and three-sided cases. In addition to choosing an aesthetically pleasing model, your new fireplace will be low maintenance, and give off cozy warmth with ambiance. Because they don’t burn wood, there is no soot to collect and your fireplace will remain looking new for many years to come. However, regular inspections are encouraged to make sure your fireplace continues to run smoothly and safely.

Multi sided fireplace, Windsor, Ontario
Multi-sided Fireplace

Two Popular Brands of Fireplaces We Carry in Windsor, Essex County

Kingsman Fireplaces

We install Kingsman Fireplaces in Windsor, Essex County & Chatham because they have a reputation for engineering excellence and high quality. With more than 40 years behind the Kingsman name, these Canadian made fireplaces have incomparable craftsmanship.

Continental Fireplaces

We install a wide variety of Continental Fireplaces in Windsor, Essex County. These Canadian made Fireplaces are versatile in appearance to meet any style and space. Slim, madern, large or transitional, these fireplaces are efficient, safe and exceptionally durable.

Benefits of Gas and Electric Fireplaces

  • Convenience – Gas and electric fireplaces are very easy to use. They can safely be turned on and off with the flip of a switch.
  • Versatility – Fireplace inserts come in a wide variety of styles and designs so you can choose one that fits your decor and personal preferences
  • Energy Efficiency – Gas and electric fireplaces are more energy efficient because the produce more heat with less fuel
  • Cleanliness – Because no wood is being burned, there is no smoke, no soot, and no ashes. They are cleaner and easier to maintain.
  • Safety – Burning wood can produce sparks and embers that can be fire hazards. Gas and electric fireplaces are completely glass-enclosed with no need for access to the interior making them much safer especially if you have children or pets.

Just a few of the style choices …

Fireplace Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Fireplace Safety

The Installation Process

Before installing your new fireplace, our Union Air representative will visit your home and assess the location where your fireplace will be installed. There is a lot more to installation than just choosing a style. Access to gas or electric lines and venting options must be considered. This is important to make sure that all building and safety codes for your fireplace will be met.

Certain locations in your home may not be appropriate for a fireplace, or access to power, gas, or venting may cause issues. We can help you choose styles that match your decor and that you’ll be happy with for a long time. Once we are satisfied that your fireplace will look good and can be safely installed, we will begin the site preparation before installation. When your fireplace installation is complete, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with no regrets.